23 de mar de 2012


Cartoon and Comics magazine "Pickles" 02
Theme: APOCALYPSE 2012. So, we are receiving cartoons, political cartoons, comic strips, comics, illustrations and texts satirizing the great theme of the year. Each artist will have 2 pages to show his works (full-color, sized in proportion: 13.5 x 20.5 cm). Authors must submit, along with the work, a biography (1 paragraph, 6 lines), photo or caricature, e-mail contact address and blog or website.
Send your work to: aqc.waz @ gmail.com
The magazine will have 48 pgs.
There is no limit for the submission ideas, but according to the receipt we will make a selection.
We will try to negotiate with a Publisher to launch the magazine on newsstands, but if it is not possible, we will do the same system as the first issue of the magazine: mail selling by Comix Store.
It was given the start! Send your work before the WORLD ENDS!!

Due to artistic quality, production and printing of "Pickles" 01, and of course the good response we agree with the publisher ties in producing a book of 100 pages of comics with 100 different authors.
In book format (approximate size of 13 x 19 cm), black and white, the publication will be an overview of current brazilian Comics and certainly a large panel of style, motives, traits and different stories.
Work will be accepted only in black and white, one page per author (1 page history). Could ever sent a number of strips provided that they close in the same story. There will be no restriction on style, themes or scripts, as well as work by several authors (script, design and artwork). They must also send a biography of 1 paragraph, a cartoon or picture of the author and blog address or website and email address. Two recommendations: work will not be included with explicit sex and color. The author will receive a copy of the book for participating.
Send your work to our site: aqc.waz @ gmail.com
Join the 100 is one of the AQC-ESP!!!!!
The Top 10 of 100 times AQC!
We have already received 10 entries for the book 100 times AQC! In just two weeks, 11 authors (10 designers and a writer) heed the call of AQC-ESP and sent their comics on a page. All works are great!
Our 11 authors are: Marcelo Saravá, Leonardo Santana, Antonio Eder, Daniel Barraco, Jean Okada, Carlos Brandino, Floreal Andrade, Edu Mendes, Aldo Maes Anjos, Bira Dantas and Mark Wenceslas.
Don't loose time! There are only 90 pages to fill!!"
Worney Almeida de Souza