Como voces podem ler nos e-mails de Choi, ele esta' IMPRESSIONADO com a quantidade, qualidade, generosidade e simpatia dos quadrinhistas e cartunistas brasileiros que ele encontrou!
Eu gostaria de agradecer IMENSAMENTE a todos que ajudaram, encontraram e levaram o Choi a conhecer um pouco dessa nossa magnifica diversidade quadrinhistica.
Klebs Jr (Impacto Studio SP), Gual, Dani (HQMix Livraria), Jal (ACB), Jorge (Comix), Fernando Santos, William Martins, Eduardo Vetillo, Andre' Diniz, Worney (AQC), Douglas (Devir), Nick Farewell, Marcatti, Ricardo, Amilcar (Pandora), Claudio Martini (Zarabatana), Cicero, Oscar, Mel da Costa, Fernando Lopes, Kacio, Lipe Dias, Rose Araujo, Luis Saguar, Ziraldo, Roberto Ribeiro e tantos outros. MUITO OBRIGADO!
Quando eu falei do nosso mundo de HQ e Ilustração ao Choi, no ano passado em Bucheon na Coreia, e alem do Brasil, dos amigos latino-americanos, eu não imaginava que ele fosse vestir a camisa dessa forma e vir (com a cara e a coragem) conhecer o nosso Brasil.

Quem quiser entrar em contato, enviar portfolio, site, etc:

Ele esta' sediado no Impacto Estudio, rua General Polidoro 10, Botafogo, com Lipe Dias.
Agora de manhã, Choi saiu em passeio de bicicleta com Lipe e esposa em Ipanema:

"How are you?
i wake up this morning around 6:00 am and went to Ipanema beach with Lepi
It's really... uhm... i can't explain the beauty of that beach in my short sentence or poor writings
and we went to jardim botanico and just came back to this school
As you know... i had a nice meeting with Ziraldo he was very busy at that time
so i just introuduced myself very shortly, but didnot mention intentionally about my plan to have an exhibition
with his works in Korea someday
it is very very important thing and i should be careful to say about exhibition,
cause it's up to ICAFE director's decicion and after came back home, i sent e-mails to director in ICAFE
about that meeting :)
And about Robert Ribero, i didnot get any answer from him by now
so i will try to make contact with him now....
As you know well... i will meet your friends this afternoon on 3'o'clock
so now i'm going to eat lunch and take a shower first :)
Let's keep in touch"
jin woo Choi

Excelente carica do Lipe Dias:

3 dias na Escola Impacto com Lipe Dias conhecendo professores, alunos e suas tecnicas de estudo de arte.
Ontem visita ao Estudio Megaterio.

Esteve tambem no Estudio do Mestre Ziraldo e ficou em estado de graça.
3월 14일 - The studio of Ziraldo in Rio 4
Please from now on, don' t call me just jin woo Choi
Call me "jin woo Choi who met Ziraldo!!" :)

15/03 (QUINTA)

Encontro com Roberto Ribeiro (Comicon Rio).

Encontros com cartunistas e quadrinhistas. Quem quiser e' so' chegar!
Hoje às 19:30 no Gambino Pizza Grill.
É perto do metrô e o acesso é fácil.
Rua do Catete 288 - Largo do Machado
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Bira Dantas: Ota, o coreano Choi esta' dando uns perdidos ai' pelo Rio, queria que ele te conhecesse... Vc tem um cachorrinho pra preparar na panela (rs)?

Ota Assunção: "Cachorrinho de verdade nao tenho mas se ele quiser levo ele pra conehcer umas cachorras na Lapa!!! Garanto que ele vai gostar muito mais e sair saciado!!! Manda ver!!!!"


Dia 19/03 "HQ na Maison" com Rachel Gontijo De Araújo , Cesar Lobo e Roberto Ribeiro Barros!
Estes encontros na Teatro Maison de France sempre são bons!
Av. Pres. Antonio Carlos, 58
(21) 2544.2533


Eu escrevi pra ele pedindo as caricaturas que os alunos da Pandora fizeram e pedindo que ele respondesse a uma entrevista do Renato Lebeau:
- i'm sorry, all the caricatures were sent to my home yesterday morning by air-mail, i tried to scan or take a photo but i can't find it and i thought it was in my treasure boxes, so just after i come back to korea, i will post that works quickly sorry
2. Did you meet my brother Clovis, his wife Lidia Masako Sato and their daughter Bruna Yumi?
How was that? He, he, he And my sister Betania, went there?
- i owed you too much and of course to your lovely family this time. clovis is very funny and kind to me
and your niece in high school now whom i met yesterday afternoon was very intelligent, i do think so actually i was surprised to hear that she will try to read 'capitalism' soon... wow~ isn't she in high shool?
3. In Brasilia Nestablo told me he had contacted is waiting for your answer.
Oscar (Luis Fernando Pimentel) told me he wants to meet you too
- i sent e-mails to Nestablo and got his reply already. i'd like to meet him very quickly but i have a previous promise with
my friends (couch surfing host) and i will be on city tour on brazillia today but i will not leave here without meeting your friends also :)
4. In Rio, Lipe Dias wants to have you in Impacto School, he said it's in a wonderful place. I think Jose Roberto, Guidacci and Nei Lima
(all cartoonists) want to keep in contact too. In Curitiba Leonardo is good guy and knows many cartoonists. And if they want to pay you
for the help, accept that, it can help you to send more boxes to Korea (he, he, he)
- before this e-mail, i sent you e-mail about what ICAFE director told me by e-mail. so i will try to visit many cartoon/comic shools
in brasil. so thanks again for arranging for this meeting in advance :)
about curitiba's favor, it's ok....
i will just accept their sincere mind for me and it's also great present for me to get lots of books for free ha ha ha ~
and the more books i get here, the more good chance i will get also, i think so :)
5. I think you should talk to Rafael Correa and go to Porto Alegre.
There are famous cartoonists as Santiago (he participated on brazilian Sicaf Exhibition),
Edgar Vasques (he drew the Brasilia book you saw in Claudio Martini home).
- ok, i will keep thinking it over cause it was not my first plan to go to Porto Alegre
i'd like to go there also to meet that artits but that means i should change my schedule (i already sent messages to other countries)
and i did not calculate/include that budget to go to other places, so it's somewhat up in the air now but i will consider it again
6. Were you succesfull in sending the books box to Korea?
- yes, without your brother, all of the boxes are still with me ha ha ha~~
7. I want to keep your news on web, so when you have a definition about dates, citys and meetings let me know.
Send the address where the meeting will happen, day, etc...
So, more people can know about you!
And send the links with the articles on web about you to Icaf (I enjoyed the catalogue very much, thanks!)
- yes, i will post pics showing who they are, where i am, what we talked about... etc
it's not just for fun but for my invaluable record of this year and i informed my facebook to ICAF personnels yesterday
and they will see what i am doing in Latin America and as i told you before, after meeting, i wrote some report and i will
send back to ICAF soon for their information
6. Answer Renato Lebeau questions, please, he wants to post on website!
- OK, i will do that... sorry for being late again
jin woo Choi

"Hello Bira
It's very good way to send e-mail to remind/inform me the appointment in advacne
cause i don't make any confusion also in Rio again ha ha ha~
- I will go to Ziraldo's studio with Lipe tomorrow cause Ziraldo had a meeting with Broadcasting company today. we are not sure we can meet him tomorrw in his studio but even though we can't meet him face to face tomorrow. i would be satisfied to be there :) but please cross your hand and pray for me ^^"
- Thursday morning, i might can meet Roberto Ribeiro Barros in this school and after that i can meet Rose and Luis after lunch time :)
Thanks again for making arrangement this meeting also in Rio
jin woo Choi

"Hello Bira
Now i got new concerns
I should have to go to other 6-7 countries in Latin America by the middle of May
but i am pretty much overwhelmed by many nice/good works from Brasil by now- just about 10 days
And 6 or 7 countries still left in front of me and i think i will be surprised to see each countries works also -_-"
Frankly speaking, it's more than my expectation wow
It might not be easy at all to select which works from which countries....
But as i told you before, the more artists, works can i meet here, the more choices/options will we have,
I do think so ha ha... a kind of happy concern :)
Just i do hope to not to be lost in this tremendous works
jin woo Choi

Choi vai para Curitiba.
Contatos com Leonardo Melo

Ele pode ir para Porto Alegre.
Entrem em contato com ele via facebook!

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